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To pre-order a sauna or ice bath, visit our website and navigate to the "Pre-Order" section. Select the desired product and follow the steps to place your pre-order securely.
Pre-ordering ensures you reserve your preferred product before it becomes available to the general public. Additionally, you may be eligible for special offers, discounts, or exclusive bundles when you pre-order.
Delivery times for pre-ordered products may vary. Once you've placed your pre-order, we will provide you with an estimated delivery date. Please note that these dates are subject to change based on manufacturing and shipping schedules.
Yes, we typically require a 30% deposit for pre-orders to secure your reservation. The deposit amount will be subtracted from your total product cost.
Yes, you may be able to modify or cancel your pre-order before the product is shipped. Please contact our customer support team as soon as possible to assist you with any changes or cancellations.


At Revel, we take pride in offering high-quality saunas and ice baths that are meticulously crafted with the latest technology and premium materials. Our products are designed to provide exceptional performance, durability, and a luxurious experience, setting them apart from competitors.
Depending on the product, some assembly may be required, and detailed instructions will be provided. For complex installations, we recommend professional assistance to ensure proper setup and safety. We can also offer installation services upon request.
Yes, our saunas and ice baths are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They are equipped with modern technology to ensure optimal energy usage without compromising on performance.
Our products come with a standard 5 Year warranty to cover manufacturing defects and malfunctions. The warranty duration may vary depending on the product. Please refer to the product description or contact our customer support for specific warranty details
Saunas can help improve blood circulation, relax muscles, reduce stress, and promote detoxification through sweating. Ice baths, on the other hand, are known to reduce inflammation, speed up recovery after intense workouts, and provide a refreshing experience.
Yes, we offer international shipping to many countries. Shipping fees and delivery times may vary based on the destination. Please check our shipping policy or contact our support team for more information.
Our saunas and ice baths are designed to be low-maintenance. Regular cleaning and occasional inspections are recommended to keep them in optimal condition. Specific maintenance guidelines can be found in the product manuals.
Yes, safety is paramount to us. Please carefully read and follow the user manuals provided with each product. For saunas, it's important to stay hydrated and avoid prolonged sessions at excessively high temperatures. For ice baths, we recommend gradual exposure to cold and avoiding submerging the head.
Yes, many of our products come with a range of special features to enhance your experience. These may include adjustable temperature controls, chromotherapy lighting, Bluetooth-enabled sound systems, and ergonomic seating, among others. Check the product descriptions for specific features.
If You Are Not Satisfied With Your Revel Saunas Product, You Can Request A Return Within 30 Days Of Delivery. Revel Saunas’ Guarantee Does Not Cover Ordinary Wear And Tear Or Accidents Caused By Improper Use, This Is Subject To The Terms Of Our Limited Warranty in Section 21