At Revel, our dedication to wellness is unwavering, and we are committed to making it accessible to everyone. Our journey began when our first product reached a customer on April 14th, 2019. But our mission is more comprehensive than just recovery. We aim to offer top-tier products that not only enhance muscle recovery but also boost performance, induce relaxation, promote rejuvenation, improve sleep, support heart health, aid in rehabilitation, and alleviate stress.

Our strength lies in our team, a diverse group of professionals ranging from athletes and trainers to therapists and engineers. Together, we design groundbreaking solutions that inspire individuals globally to embrace a healthier and more active lifestyle.


Two years ago, fitness influencer Nathan McCallum marked a milestone for Revel Saunas with the first-ever unboxing video. Witness as he unveils the luxury and ease of setting up our cutting-edge sauna, setting the stage for countless transformative wellness journeys.